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Adoption Application

Don't want to send it online?
Go to our "Download Forms"  page and download our "Adoption Application".
Fill it out and send it in.
[Address is at the bottom of this page]

****Please be SURE you have read the "Adoption Policies" section on our website before completing this application.  That section contains information regarding our adoption area limitation, our adoption fee, and our fencing policy.****

DRNC reserves the right to refuse adoption for any reason. Our adoption area is limited to a three-hour drive from Raleigh, NC.  The adopter's ability to visit our dogs is mandatory prior to adoption being finalized.  If you are too far distant for adoption from us, the Doberman Pinscher Club of America maintains a directory of approved rescuers across the nation on their website. Go to http://www.dpcarescue.com  and on the left-hand side of the webpage, click on the menu item "Find a Rescue".

Your answers on this application will help us to make the best possible adoption match between you and a Doberman in our care. The more we know, the more confident we can be that your adoption will be successful. It is very important that this application be completed fully and truthfully. Failure to supply truthful information on the application will automatically result in non-approval and, if discovered after placement, may result in revocation of the adoption contract and result in DRNC retaking custody of the dog without return of the applicant's adoption fee.

Submitting an application to DRNC does NOT commit you to an adoption. The application only serves to help our staff best match the right dog with the right home. We try very diligently to place our Dobermans into the best environment, one that will fulfill the dog's needs as well as the adopters' desires for their new family member. Being completely honest about your home environment helps ensure that we will make a successful placement, one that turns into a "forever" home.

In order to receive a response from us, you MUST supply your email address in the field provided on this form.


Personal Information



City, State, Zip:


Home Phone:    Work Phone:

Email Address:  

I have read the "Adoption Policies" and believe that I meet the minimum adoption requirements:  

Employment information


Employer:    Employer's Phone:

How long with current employer?

Spouse/partner's occupation:

Spouse/partner's  employer:   

Spouse/partner's  employer's phone:

How long with current employer?

Have you/spouse/partner ever been charged with animal cruelty or child abuse?

If yes, please explain:

Your Home

Do you own your home, does a family member/domestic partner own your home, do you rent a home, or other (specify) ? 

Site-built house, apartment, condominium, townhouse, manufactured, or mobile home?

If you rent, please give us the name and phone # of landlord:

How long at present address?:

Does your town/city/county have a limit on numbers/weights/breeds of pets per household?:

Does your homeowners association have a limit on numbers/weights/breeds of pets per household?:

Does your apartment management/rental property owner have a limit on numbers/weights/breeds of pets per household?:

Fence Information

Do you have a completely enclosed fenced yard?

Is fence attached to house? Size of fenced area (in sq ft or acreage):

Height of fence: Made of what material?

If you do not have a fence, what arrangements will you make for the dog's exercise?

Please list the age and sex of children who will live or visit often with the dog:

Your Other Animals


Please list breed (if mixed, approximate weight), age and sex of dogs you currently own:

Are these dogs spayed and neutered?

If not, why not? 

Are these dogs on heartworm preventative?  If so, what brand? 

If not, why not? 

When were these dogs last vaccinated?:


If you own cats, please describe them [i.e. ages, indoor/outdoor, dog-savvy?]


Please describe any other animals that you might have:

Care Of Animal

Is there someone home during the day? At night?

Where will the dog stay during the day and at night?

Where will the dog be kept when no one is at home?

Where will the dog sleep?

What other dogs have you owned as an adult? Please describe each dog, how long you owned it and why you no longer have that dog:

If you have ever surrendered a dog to a shelter, explain why:

If you have given away or sold a dog, explain why:

If you have ever had a dog euthanized for reasons other than terminal illness, explain why:

If you have ever, as an adult, owned a Doberman before now, when did you own it, how long did you have it, and what happened to the dog?

Why would you like to own a Doberman?

Have you ever taken a formal obedience class?

If yes, where and when?

Will you be willing to obedience train your Doberman?

How much time each day will you train and/or play with your Doberman?

Dog Preferences

If you know the dog you want to adopt from our "Dogs for Adoption"  page,  please tell us the dog's name. 

What dog are you interested in?

What sex would you prefer?

What color would you prefer? 
[Black/rust , Red/rust , Blue/rust, Fawn/rust]

What age would you prefer?

What style of ears would you prefer?:
[cropped, natural, no preference]

Would you consider a Doberman with natural ears?

Would you consider a Doberman with a natural tail?

What personality are you looking for in your Doberman?

Your Veterinarian's Information

Your current or most recent veterinarian:

Veterinarian's address:

Veterinarian's phone number:

Where did you hear about Doberman Rescue of North Carolina, Inc?

Additional comments you may have

Thank you for your interest in our non-profit, volunteer organization. One of our adoption representatives will be in touch with you. If you do not hear from a DRNC volunteer within a reasonable amount of time [a week to 10 days], please contact us.

Before you press "submit", please double check that your contact
information is correct.
Thank you!


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