Due to an increase in turn-in requests and a decrease in adoptions, DRNC is closing intake until further notice.  Please note: this does NOT apply to dogs adopted from DRNC if they need to be returned to us.  We will ALWAYS take our adopted dogs back.

Doberman Rescue of NC, Inc.

PO Box 91421

Raleigh, NC  27675


EIN:  20-0079298

Please be sure to read our "Giving Up Your Dobe?" page before completing this form.

We do not operate a kennel facility.  All dogs in our program are living in qualified foster homes as temporary members of our foster families.  Foster space in our program is very limited so we may not be able to take your dog in quickly.  Therefore, we encourage you to continue to seek alternative placement for your Doberman.  If you do place your dog elsewhere (after submitting this form), please contact us so that we can remove him/her from our list.  In general, dogs from shelters, humane societies and veterinary clinics are given priority.  We do accept owner turn-ins ONLY when space is available.

We ask that private owners who are turning in a Dobe make a donation to DRNC to help cover the costs we incur while finding a suitable home for the dog.  Also, for owner turn-ins, we require that current veterinary records be presented with the dog, verifying that he/she is current on vaccinations, is spayed/neutered, and is heartworm negative (if claimed on this form to be so).  Due to limited volunteer time and budget,

we require that owners requesting to turn over their dogs to us must be willing and able to bring the dog to the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC area.

DRNC works solely with purebred Dobermans, therefore we are unable to accept mixed breeds.

In addition to answering the questions on this form, please email photographs of the dog to:

intake  @  hope4dobe.org   (remove blanks)

so that we can confirm that the dog is purebred.

By completing and submitting this form, you are stating that you are the legal owner of this Doberman, that you are at least 18 years of age, and that all the information (to your knowledge) is true and correct.