Doberman Rescue of NC, Inc.

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Raleigh, NC  27675

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So You’re Giving Up Your Dobe?.......


Doberman Rescue of North Carolina, Inc., like most other Doberman rescue groups, is continually swamped with dogs needing help. We are a small group of individuals who do not operate a kennel facility, so our rescue dogs must be housed in our members’ homes until placement can be obtained. This means the dogs must live with human families, resident dogs and other rescue dogs. We do not have a facility in which to separate and hold aggressive dogs. And we cannot take mixes….only purebred Dobermans.

There are a significant number of Dobermans that are turned in to shelters each year because their owners are unable or, more often, unwilling to take the time and effort to properly train their dogs. This ‘throw away’ mentality is so sad and many loving dogs suffer enormously.

We make every possible effort to save Dobermans from shelters but we cannot save them all due to lack of space. Some shelters will not release the guard breeds (e.g. Pitbulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, etc.) because of liability issues. These dogs are often euthanized without ever having the chance to find a new home. In most cases, there is no mandatory waiting period for pets turned in to shelters by their owners. These pets can be euthanized immediately at the shelter’s discretion. Additionally, many shelters in North Carolina still use the old barbaric method of gas to destroy animals. This death is more horrible than can be described here. Unfortunately, studies show that large, black dogs are the least likely to be adopted from a shelter. Also large dogs six years of age and older are extremely difficult to place. Though it is true that these dogs often have many more years of love to give, adopters almost always seek out the young dogs.

So we try to save the shelter dogs first…but, again, we are too small a group to be able to save all of them. When and if we have available space, we will consider taking owner turn-ins. But our ability to take in owner turn-ins is very limited and the wait may be very lengthy. We would much rather try and help you find a way to keep your dog. This animal is a sentient being…he/she feels love, bonding, abandonment, loneliness, fright and pain.

The most typical reasons reported to us from people who want to get rid of the pets that love them are:

1) “We’re moving and can’t take the dog.” WHY NOT? There is plenty of housing available for rent that accepts dogs. And most dogs can travel with their families quite well. All you have to do is spend a little time looking for a place where your four-legged companion can live with you.
2) “We’re having a baby and don’t trust our dog.” WHY NOT? Many Doberman owners have raised their children with their pets and have no problems. Don’t buy into the myth of the ‘killer’ Doberman. Dobermans love children too. They are large dogs but this simply means that the children and dogs must be supervised, which is true of ANY dog. It is never safe to leave children alone unsupervised with any animal. There are many training courses available that are centered around helping young families with their dogs – training the dog AND the children to respect each other and live happily together.
3) “Our dog is out of control or has ‘issues’ that we cannot deal with.” WHY NOT? You brought this animal into your home and made a commitment when you did that. Help is available for almost every issue or problem that arises. Contact a trainer or behaviorist to evaluate your dog and get assistance from these professionals on ways to train your dog to become a good family member. Please, please consider trying to keep your Doberman. Do not place him/her into a rescue or shelter and then walk away, convincing yourself that someone else will handle his/her problems, find him/her a good home and the dog will live happily ever after. This is often not the case. If your dog is old or sick or has behavioral issues that cannot be corrected with the help of a trainer, take this pet (that has looked to you as a beloved protector and friend) to your veterinarian, hold him/her in your arms, say “I love you” and have your Dobe euthanized. Sound harsh? Don’t want to hear that? We don’t blame you. But dumping your dog into a crowded, noisy shelter with no one to love… abandoning that dog into a very frightening environment where euthanasia will probably take place anyway is a cowardly act. Your dog has given you unconditional love….be responsible….be there for him/her to the end.

If you still feel that you must give up your dog, please go to our webpage “Dog Intake Form” and follow the instructions noted there.