We want to thank the wonderful people who have made donations of money and supplies to help our rescue Dobermans. 

Without you, we would not be able to save the lives of so many abandoned and needy dogs.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!




Amazon Smile Foundation

Bull City Pet Sitting (in memory of 'Leia')

Camp Bow Wow of Durham, NC

Charleston Scenes

Desert Valley Kennel Club

Doberman Assistance Network

Doberman Pinscher Club of America

Doberman Pinscher Club of Charlotte

Duke Energy Foundation

Fawcett Medical Services (Australia)

Food Lion Shop and Share Program

Hale Pet Door Corp

IGive.com Holdings

K9 Solutions (Sylvie Pleasant)

KJK Law (Kerry Kunz)

Leesville Animal Hospital

Morgan Stanley

Park Ridge Health (in memory of Charles Taylor)

Pedigree Adoption Drive Foundation

Pet Pantry

Picadilly Delights (Pittsburgh, PA)

Pilots N Paws

Progress Energy Foundation

Purina Rally to Rescue

Renaissance Charitable Foundation

Shadow Dragon Initiative

Shelton Solutions

Soka Gakkai International, Asheville Chapter (Buddhism)

South Carolina Search and Rescue Dog Association (in memory of 'Kiser')

Special Needs Dobermans

Special Needs Dobermans – Senior Dobe Project

Virtual Dog Sports


Young Again Foundation


Aguirre, Michael

Alderson, Patty

Baker, David

Ballenger, Kerry

Barksdale, Naomi

Baron, Bill & Elinor (in memory of Barry Jones)

Bartlett, David & Kathy

Bartlett, Sarah

Beasley, Barbara

Bergquist, Erin

Berry, Barbara

Berry, Meredith

Blalock, Ryan

Branch, George & Ruth

Breeding, Charles

Broderick, James

Brooks, Betty (in memory of 'Zoe')

Brooks, Cheryl (in memory of 'Zoe')

Browne, Katharine

Byrd, Ann (in memory of 'Diu')

Callaway, Eddie

Campanaro, Dave & Pam (in memory of 'Teton')

Cannon, Janet

Carlson, Julia

Carter, Jon & Lisbeth (in honor of Penny Robinson)

Carter, Leslie

Chang, Michael

Christensen, Tad

Clearman, William & Faye

Clifton-Young, Yvonne

Cole, Dana & Norma

Coleman, Chris & Mickey, DVM (in memory of Charles Taylor)

Converse, Laurence & Maryanne (in memory of Barbara Berry)

Converse, Stan & Kathryn (in memory of Barbara Berry)

Corbett, Jim & Anna

Corbett, Roxanne (in memory of 'Diu')

Crosby, Thomas & Karen

DaSilva, Michele

Davidson, Harriett

Davies, Denise

Davis, Debra (in memory of 'Bella')

Davis, Gina (in memory of 'Holly')

Detzel, JoAnne

DiFranco, Lia

Dillon, Joan (in memory of Barbara Berry)

Dillon, Melissa

Dixon-Tulloch, Ellen (in memory of 'Haven')

Dockery, Cary

Dodds, Kenneth, MD & Dodds, Helen, MD

Dorr, Dawn

Dowdle, Angela (in honor of 'Hewitt' & in memory of 'Mandy')

Duncan, Andrea

East, Wayne & Candace (in memory of Charles Taylor)

Eddins, Rhonda

Enlow, Kristina (in memory of Patsy Snyder)

Ferrero-Conover, Deborah

Filippucci-Kotz, Renee

Finnegan, Dan

Fisher, Nancy

Flinn, Melinda & Anderson, Andy (in memory of 'Razz' & 'Dollars')

Flinn, Melinda & Anderson, Andy (in loving memory of Nittaya Flinnp and her Doberman protector "Bandit")

Freeman, Hobert & Karen (in memory of 'Luke')

Garin, M.S.

Garret, Lee

George, Julio & Joan (in honor of Meredith Berry)

Gibbs, Christine

Gilliam, Lydia

Gratch, Mary (in memory of 'Diu')

Greer, Steve

Griffith, Cheryl (in memory of Patsy Snyder)

Grimes, Ann

Hadden, James (in honor of Jeff & Connie Schrilla)

Hammond, Colin

Hansford, Diane (in memory of 'Diu')

Harris, Anita

Harrison, Bill & Jeanne

Hartley, Heather & Andrew

Hawkins, Claudia (in memory of 'Diu')

Hayes, Mitchell & Meredith

Henderson, Janice (in memory of Patsy Snyder)

Hilburn, Don & Pat

Hill, Linda

Hill, Randi

Hodges, Scott

Hookings, Celeste (in honor of Lori Worley)

Howell, Joann

Huffman, Casey & Kerri

Hussey, Betty (in memory of 'Lucy Lou')

Hussey, Evelyn

Ishikawa, Yoko (in memory of Charles Taylor)

Jackson, Stuart & Linda (in memory of Patsy Snyder)

Jacques, Cheryl

Jacques, William

Jamieson, E.W. & H.V., III

Jensen, Marcie

Johnson, Gary & Kalen (in honor of Kelly and 'Sammy')

Johnson, Matthew (in honor of Kalen)

Jones, Dale

Jones, Shannon

Jones, Tommy & Teresa (in memory of Barry Jones)

Jongebloed, Nick

Joseph, Betsy

Kachelhofer, Kira

Kassab, Stephen & Michelle

Keatts, Susan

Keenan, Leigh

King, Rachel

Kinzie, Bonnie

Kirby, Philip & Hackaday, Carla

Kirk, Debbie (in memory of 'Ronan' & 'Neko')

Klang, Thor & Suzanne (in memory of 'Angelina')

Knoedler, David

Koga, Maurice & Mary (in memory of 'Nate' and 'Chili')

Kurek III, John

Lafayette Family

Lagattuta, Peggy

Lahman, Doug & Maria

Lanford, Jeanne

Leader, Melissa

Leary, Alan & Whitney (in memory of 'Andre')

Lewis, Mia

Locke, Anne (in memory of 'Sadie')

Loiterstein, Andrew & Karen (in memory of 'Laska')

Lusby, Leslie

Lyon, Penny

Mackowski, Dave & Peggy

Maloney, Michelle

Marsala, Jakob

Martinez, Eddie

Mason, Roger & Ivey

Mattheissen, Betty (in memory of 'Max')

McCrodden, Craig

McDermed, Ann (in memory of Andrew Dapondes & of 'Gunnar')

McKee, Bill (in memory of 'Otto')

Mee, Margaret

Mehaffey, Cheryl

Meyer, Robert & Polly (in memory of 'Sam')

Meyer, Stephanie

Middleton, Anne

Mitran, Andrei & Sue

Mitran, Taras & Carrie (in honor of Andrei Mitran)

Murdock, Daniel

Myers, Jennifer

Nalty, P J

Nathan, Ilene

Neer, Maria

Nihart, Larry & Lynda (in honor of Tom & Debbie McGuire)

Normyle, Barbara

Notti-Fullerton, Jeanie (in memory of "Miley Anne" and "Aria Disney")

Nutter, Elisabetta

Olson, Scott

O’Tuel, Johnny & Martha

Oviatt, Beverly (in memory of "Mr Blue" and "Tequila")

Pair, Marianne

Palladino, Linda (in memory of 'Diu')

Parrino, Diane

Parris, Patricia

Patton, Gina

Payne, Karen

Pearce, Harold, DVM

Pearman, Lisle

Peirsol, Scott & Faith

Perry, David

Pethick, Betsy, DVM

Phillips, Cal (in memory of Wayne Boswell, II)

Phillips, Nancy

Piccini-Edson, Michelle

Pierce, Penny

Pietz, Patricia

Pike, Olivia (in memory of William C. Pate)

Price, Pamela

Quinn, Susan

Rasmussen, Christine (in memory of Clyde Arft & of 'Rio')

Razon, Elke

Rendina, Mark

Reuter, Donald

Rice, Kristen

Rice, T.

Ricigliano, Iona (in memory of 'Kia')

Roberts, Tedder

Robinson, Jeanne (in memory of 'Diu')

Rogers, Sally (in memory of 'Lexus')

Root, Bud & Judy

Rosche, Sandia (in memory of Barry Jones)

Ross, Barbara

Sales, Randall

Savarese, Dan

Schoonmaker, Dustin

Schuch, Robert & Whitchurch, Lisa

Schulte, Bill

Shaffer, Susan

Sharp, Kathryn

Simin, Rachel

Simmons, Christie

Smith, Cathryn (in memory of Patsy Snyder)

Smith, Patty

Smith, Scott & Charlene

Smotherman, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Johnie (in memory of Patsy Snyder)

Snyder Family (in memory of Patsy Snyder)

Snyder, Catherine

Snyder, Shane (in memory of Patsy Snyder)

Sparks, Kris

Sprygada, Beverly & Benjamin (in honor of Brandie Sprygada)

Sprygada, Peter & Brandie

Steinmeyer, Julia

Stironek, Richard & Leslie (in honor of 'Kooper')

Stroud, Joseph (in memory of 'Diesel')

Stull, Deborah

Suarez, Lourdes (in memory of 'Ronan')

Taylor, Aurelie

Thompson, Pamela

Tolstykh, Alex

Udemadu, Ogochukwu

Ulrich, Betsy (in memory of Tracy Fletcher's grandfather)

Varner, Connie

Vasina, Teri, Todd, Tommilynn & Trigger

Vida, Lester & Marian (in memory of Leonard A. Leonard)

Walls, Sara

Warner, Laine

Weidrick, Warren

Wellborn, Elizabeth

Wendrow, Tali

West-Terrell, Vickie

Whitchurch, Lisa & Schuch, Robert (in memory of 'Jorden')

Whitehurst, Kim

Wolff, Tom & Dana

Young, Donnelly (in honor of Dorothy Young)

Ziebert, Jacqueline

Doberman Rescue of NC, Inc.

PO Box 91421

Raleigh, NC  27675


EIN:  20-0079298